Who is Juan Cordero?

Juan is an international wedding photographer with over 10 years of experience in the industry.

His couples have taken him from Gaudi’s Barcelona to the busy streets of New York to multiple destinations around the world.

It will capture the true essence of who you are, not just how you look, it won’t say more or say less about how you felt on your great day, the promise is to be honest, as that is the only way to express true love.

But who is Juan Cordero then? Read on to discover his passion.

wedding photographer juan cordero posing in 4 columns


As he himself says, he is a privileged observer who has been introduced to the world and its love stories through his camera. He loves transforming simple, everyday situations into stunning, powerful images, making couples feel beautiful and comfortable in front of the camera so they can show their most real and sincere emotions.



The training received has led him to a tireless search for the aesthetics of art and beauty of wedding photography inspired by the place and the personality of each couple, which has given him a style based on naturalness, elegance and texture of light; Juan’s photos combine a complex mix of experience, refinement and attention to every little detail to obtain an excellent result at the height of what his clients demand.



He has been published several times in blogs and magazines of international relevance, has won awards and has been named best wedding photographer in Barcelona in a prestigious organization, but this really doesn’t matter, his goal is to create a visual archive that combines refined aesthetics and high emotional value to achieve a legacy of priceless memories for his couples and their families that will last over time.



It is fascinating to capture wonderful locations, gowns and flawless ethereal details, but Juan wants to add to your story the most honest and pure moments of expression and feeling, he believes in the beauty of the vulnerability of a father crying as his son enters the ceremony, a mother embracing her daughter minutes before getting married, friends expressing their love and celebrating the day you open your heart and soul… it will leave a visual legacy for generations to come that will allow your story to never end.

I love beautiful and honest photography, composing each element so that everything has its own balance in the image and makes it vibrate….





Most couples get married only once in a lifetime, it is a new experience with many details, traditions and aspects to take into account. Don’t worry, I am here to guide you through the whole process from the beginning.

From the moment you contact me until the final delivery, you have my full attention, energy and care, I am here to help you solve your doubts and create the best wedding photographs for you.

In addition, I have worked with many wedding vendors over the years and can offer recommendations if you have not yet found a wedding planner in Barcelona, wedding videographer in Spain, florist, makeup artist or candy bar supplier among others.


I know how stressful it can be to plan a wedding in Barcelona or anywhere else, that’s why I leave you here this frequently questions that my couples usually ask me when they contact me.

I am from a town near Barcelona, it is small and quiet surrounded by nature, the sun comes out almost every day of the year and you can breathe peace. For me it is perfect because it allows me to have a very fast connection with the rest of the world since I have the Barcelona airport just 30 minutes away.

I always work alone except when I need a second photographer due to the large volume of guests. In that case I have a second with me throughout the wedding day to make sure we don’t miss any details or any important photos.

For Barcelona area is included in the price, for the rest of destinations ask me through this form and I will quote it for your case.

Yes, I work with the best wedding videographers in Barcelona, they have the same treatment, predisposition and quality standards as I do.

Between 600 and 1200 photos depending on the pack that is contracted, the most important thing is the quality not the quantity, anyway what I want you to keep in mind is that I will capture from beginning to end everything that happens in your wedding to be able to tell the story with the photos.

Within 3 months you will have the photos meticulously edited and delivered to your private online gallery. But you can speed up this process, ask me in this form.

Most of us don’t know how to pose, you don’t have to worry, I will guide you during the portraits so you look natural and elegant, but during the rest of the wedding all you have to do is relax, let yourself go and have fun, that’s my purpose.

Of course it is. I travel anywhere in the world where I am needed, I have been lucky enough to do weddings in amazing places like USA, Iceland, Norway, Scotland… if you are planning your wedding wherever you are, let’s make it happen!

Couples experiences

Juan was the best choice

We fell in love with his work before we even got engaged, and he has done an impeccable job.

He has a sensitivity, a touch and a quality, that every time you see the photos you discover new details, new sensations and you get excited again and again, again and again, 100% recommended as a professional and as a person.

Not only did we take with us a great photographer and professional, but also a great friend.

Thank you Juan!

Incredible as a professional

And I can say that he is also as a person! Their attention is incredible, their treatment of the highest quality and the result of their photographic work is unparalleled.

We were looking for a wedding photographer in Barcelona

Juan was one of the few who spoke to us face to face and, after meeting him and discovering his work, we didn’t need anything else.

The best with no doubt!

Juan is a great professional, he gave us a lot of confidence from the first moment we met him, and the choice could not have been more successful. It’s fun, natural and makes everything very easy.

We knew it had to be him

He transmitted us tranquility, kindness, but above all… passion and love for everything he does.

Captured our essence

He adapted to what we were looking for and gave us advice to bring out the best in us. We received an exceptional treatment from him and the result of the report has left us speechless.

Juan is a fantastic photographer!
He was very attentive and extremely creative

From the initial online meeting Juan had a warm and vibrant person which made talking to him so seamless. On the wedding day, he was able to come up with beautiful shots on the spot. Throughout the whole wedding day Juan was so caring and made sure everyone felt happy and comfortable. I’m so thrilled that I chose Juan, all my photos turned out wonderfully.

Everything ready?

You’ve already taken the first step, you’ve taken an interest in getting to know me a little better, let me do the same with your story.

I am fully available to answer any questions you may have, send me a message through this contact form and I will be happy to answer you in less than 3 hours.

Let’s make it happen.