Planning a wedding in Barcelona is not easy, hundreds of professionals want to position themselves and stand out from the rest in order to capture your big day, here I offer you a guide where you will find the different services offered by the best wedding photographers in Barcelona as well as the prices of wedding photographers in Barcelona and packs that you can find.

I have prepared a guide with the prices of wedding photographers in Barcelona, and it is important to differentiate between wedding photographers and other photographers… someone who is not used to a wedding and its rhythms will not be able to do a good job.

I want to make this clear from the beginning, a cousin or brother-in-law with his camera or even your friend who is a professional food photographer is not a good candidate to capture your wedding.

So we are left then with the professionals in this sector, on this basis you will have to look for the style of photographs that best suits you and your personality.

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The average price of a wedding photographer in Barcelona will vary depending on the professional and the chosen package, but range between 1500€ and 4000€.

Why is the wedding photographer so important?

He is not just a professional taking pictures of everything he sees. A wedding photographer knows what is going to happen in advance and is prepared to capture it as discreetly and beautifully as possible. Before shooting, he looks, observes and assesses, he knows you and knows how to shoot to capture your purest essence.

A wedding photographer knows how to capture special moments, a smile, a gesture, a look… He will be with you all day long, from the beginning of the preparations to the party, ready to capture every detail with discretion and maximum technical quality. He is prepared for unforeseen events, responding quickly to any unusual situation, knows how to react and proposes alternatives if necessary.

Why do prices vary so much from one to another?

Experience, reputation, services included and technical quality.

These are the variables that will make a wedding photographer in Barcelona more or less economical. Hiring a wedding photographer with 1 year of experience is not the same as hiring a photographer with 10 years of experience. Just as it is not the same as one that offers a simple pack or a more complete pack with albums, post-wedding, second camera etc…

The best thing to do is to let yourself be advised and trust the professional you choose. He will be able to tell you if you need a second camera due to the number of guests, if it is convenient to do a pre-wedding to get to know each other better, or if it is worth hiring extra hours to make the wedding reportage look great.

Should I look at the professional’s photographic equipment?

Of course, having the latest technology in digital cameras and lenses is very important. Having the best possible equipment at our disposal makes it easier for us to work. It helps us not to lose focus on important moments. As well as to achieve the best possible sharpness, colors and quality of the photos obtained.

Ask without fear what equipment have, how many lenses, and especially how many cameras you will bring to the wedding. A single camera is a bad idea, if anything happens to it you will not be able to continue with the service.

Therefore a minimum of equipment would be two cameras with two lenses, a flash and enough batteries to cover the entire wedding.

Length of service

The duration of the service is also fundamental to get the price adjusted to your needs. The photographer can cover part of the day or the whole day, but in the latter case the price will increase. Wedding photography packages are usually adjusted to the different needs of each couple.

The most common wedding packages are 8, 10 and 12 hours respectively.


Depending on everything we have talked about prices will vary, here are some approximate price ranges for wedding photographers in Barcelona.

This range of photographers is usually between 500€ and 1000€ for a complete wedding, it is economical, but be careful, their experience is very limited and in case of any unforeseen event you are not sure that they will know how to react.

It is where most wedding photographers are located, their prices range between 1500€ and 4000€, the final price will depend on the chosen package, the duration of the service, and popularity.

This type of photographer customizes his rates between 5000€ and 20.000€ depending on his renown and who he captures the wedding, he is usually seen in celebrity weddings and very exclusive events.

Prices of Wedding Photographers in Barcelona, conclusion:

Set your limits in terms of budget for the wedding photographer, but my advice is to value this professional because the final result will be the result of your memories, make sure you give them the value they deserve and hire the professional that you trust, you like his style and fits your budget.



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