My favorite song is:

I'm obsessed with:

Starman of David Bowie

Symmetry and flat horizons

My favorite city is:

You can make me happy:


With a good meal

I started this business:

A place to rest:

At the age of 25

Isle of Skye in Scotland

My best friend:

My perfect hobby:

Is still photography

My dog Trufa!

Every way you took

Has led you to be



I love the simplicity of a silent sunset, accompanied by the pinkish tones of an increasingly tired sky, I love nature, music and art, rain and forests, the smell of wet earth after a storm and the salty taste of the sea.

I love every moment with my friends, sharing with them my experiences and learning every day from theirs. I love my family and their unity, the example of life that I want to continue to perpetuate in the future.

I love people who paint blue skies in the morning no matter how gray they may be in the afternoon, I love those who love life and are not afraid to say it out loud.

I love that minimalism always adds up in any situation, and that the simplest answer is always the right one.

I love the inherent stories of couples in love, their quirks and unique edges representing who you are.

I love the beautiful and honest photography that a wedding needs, composing each element so that everything has its own balance in the image.

I love my job.